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Total Client Satisfaction

Market Knowledge Online is a client-focused provider of market research solutions, with a broad range of capabilities in both qualitative & quantitative research.

Market Knowledge Online is designed to provide market research companies, and corporate clients, with high quality, cost-efficient results.

Our Promise is simple and honest.  Our Objective & Our Mission is total client satisfaction.

 We promise to let nothing stop us from achieving this goal by delivering on our client commitments, by earning your trust and providing a superior value for your investment. In return, we ask only for the opportunity to prove our Promise.

Major Client Relationships

Please find below some of our major client relationships:

Focus Group Recruitment

While the focus of our work is Quantitative Research, we have developed an expertise in focus group recruitment…which grew out of the needs of our clients. Since our recruitment methodology involves fielding an online screener, we reach a much larger base of potential focus group participants…and with our telephone verification process, the quality of our recruitments is the highest in the industry. The volume and quality of our focus group recruitment process has been confirmed by our clients again and again.

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