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The Only Sample Company with Full-Service Capabilities

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The Only Sample Company with Full-Service Capabilities

“When your only tool is a hammer, everything is a nail”

Most panel companies have only a hammer in the toolbox – online sample – and their only objective is to sell their sample.

MKO was built with a multi-dimensional view of online market research – we offer two proprietary survey platforms (the ISS & Querous survey platforms), expert survey development & programming, expertise in crosstabulations, data analytics & statistical modeling.

Our broad range of capabilities result in strategic, well-planned studies…as our clients say, “MKO equals good research.” We provide a higher level of service and expertise for online research projects vs. competitive sample providers. Other Panel companies simply send sample through computer software (called programmatic sampling)…only MKO is the true online research partner to our Clients.

MKO & Data Quality

No Ifs, Ands, or BOTS

Any market research study is useless if the data lacks integrity.

MKO has developed the most rigorous, thorough, and sophisticated quality control process in the industry…it is a superior QC process that virtually eradicates the two most significant data quality issues – BOTS & Survey Farms

The MKO QC process for online market research is second to none in the industry – we deliver 100% real & true completes — no Ifs, Ands, or BOTS

Market knowledge online

The Market Research Company with
The Superior Sample Matrix

The MKO sampling platform is the superior sample matrix in the industry based on four key competitive advantages:

Our partner relationships extend to nearly every sample source in the industry, including both major & minor sample providers, international panels, as well as country-specific sample sources.

This approach results in a proprietary sample matrix with much higher volume vs. the competition – with a sampling capacity that enables MKO to deliver greater feasibility and shorter fielding times for all studies.

The MKO Sample Matrix has a key advantage that goes beyond feasibility and field time.

Pricing…with the greater volume of sample, we can select the most targeted segments from each sample source…which results in a higher study incidence…and that means lower sample CPIs.

MKO & Data Quality

The Only Market Research Company with a Pricing Guarantee

The cost for sample (CPI) is driven by study incidence – the lower the incidence, the higher the sample CPI. When the study incidence in field is lower than estimated, panel companies are known to contact the client, and increase the sample CPI. This is a common practice among all sample providers – all panel providers, except MKO. The sample CPI quoted in our estimate is the only sample CPI…we never increase sample cost based on a lower incidence in field, or longer survey LOI. In fact, MKO (and only MKO) guarantees the entire study cost for all projects.

The MKO Pricing Guarantee becomes even more significant when additional sample sources are required to complete a study. The need for incremental sample (referred to as “top up”) to complete a study in field is common, and the CPI for this type of sample is generally high…panel companies will routinely increase the sample CPI for the study when top up sample is utilized.

With the MKO Pricing Guarantee, there is no increase in the CPI for incremental (top up) sample, so the sample cost remains exactly as quoted…any incremental sample costs are absorbed by MKO…a Pricing Guarantee that is unique in the industry.

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